RockStarter Level 1

taught by Troy Davidson

Course description


“Learn on your time, at your pace”.

Welcome to the Rockstarter series for beginner Rock style guitar. The RockStarter Level One course is designed for the beginner guitar player, or for someone who has some experience playing acoustic guitar but would now like to move into the world of electric rock style guitar playing.  The course is laid out in a very structured and systematic way. Every topic/ technique is taught in extensive detail and every section progresses from the previous one. You can spend as much time on each section as you need.

In Rockstarter Level 1, we begin with some basic technique and theory review and then talk about guitar effects pedals like overdrive and distortion to help you achieve that classic rock guitar sound.
Then we jump into important strumming hand techniques like Palm Muting and Percussive Strumming.

We will show you how you can make slight changes to chords you already know, to give them more of a rock guitar sound.
Then will learn what “Power Chords” are and how they are made as well as some technique tips on how to make them sound even better.

Next we will show you some common rock chord progressions that will remind you of many of your favorite rock songs, and we will incorporate techniques such as “Sliding Power Chords”, “Hammer Ons” and “Pull Offs”

You will learn how to play the Major scale and the Minor Pentatonic scale across two octaves and how to start using these scales in solos.

Then the real fun begins as we look at how to get started playing Lead guitar and introduce techniques such as Vibrato and String Bending.

Finally, we bring it all together and show you how you can start combining these techniques to create awesome sounding lead guitar riffs!

This course is packed with information, but it is presented in a structured, and systematic way. Each step of the way you will be building upon the knowledge you have learned in the previous lessons, so you will never feel overwhelmed or in over your head. You can move through these lessons at your own pace and watch the videos as many times as you like.

Rockstarter Level 1 is 2 hours and 43 minutes long.


Troy Davidson
Troy Davidson
Lead Instructor

Hi, I’m Troy, the founder of Studio33 and Lead Instructor here on the site. I love music and especially guitar, but what I love even more is teaching others to play and watching them succeed in their music journey.

I have played guitar for 27 years and I have been teaching guitar for almost as long. From private lessons to video lessons, I have had the pleasure of teaching thousands of people of various age and skill levels from all over the world.

After teaching so many people, I have developed a curriculum that has evolved and been refined over the years into what I believe to be the best step by step approach to learning guitar. My philosophy about learning guitar is that knowledge goes hand in hand with technique. If you want to simply play a few chords, you can easily find someone to show you where to place your fingers on the guitar neck. But if you really want to succeed as a musician, it’s important for you to understand what it is you are playing. Studio33Guitar lessons teach just that; the “why” along with the “how”.

Don’t be frightened by the term “music theory”, our lessons are laid out in a very organized, and structured, yet simple way that will teach you in a true step by step approach.